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Cad Converter

With the WiCAM CAD Converter, you can convert your 2D CAD files into various CAD formats. Simply upload one or more files, select your desired export format and download your files after the conversion. This can be done individually or in a zip file.

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NC Converter

With the WiCAM NC Converter, you can convert your existing NC programs into executable programs for other machines / controllers. Simply select your source and destination machine and upload one or more of your existing NC programs. After the conversion, you can also download your converted data individually or in a collected zip file.

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Web Calculation allows you to calculate the production costs for different 2D or 3D geometries online. Simply upload your desired files in the application and select their properties such as material, sheet thickness and machine configuration. As a result, you receive processing information about your components and the calculated price. Costing can be configured individually in the user profile so that each user can create their own calculation method.

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The Unfolding app allows you to have your 3D geometries from various formats, unfolded online and downloaded as 2D CAD in a format of your choice.

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With the module Forms you create different geometries based on parameterized basic shapes. You can choose from a number of predefined basic shapes. For each basic form, various parameters are available with which the dimensions and characteristics can be controlled. You can then download the resulting geometries in DXF or DWG format.

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Core API

Use the functionality of all apps directly from your code through our API.

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Price List

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Cad Converter 60 € 162 € 576 € On demand
NC Converter 120 € 324 € 1152 € On demand
Calculation 100 € 270 € 960 € On demand
Unfolding 80 € 216 € 768 € On demand
Forms 120 € 324 € 1152 € On demand
Core API 500 € 1350 € 4800 € On demand